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Weldon Stanford and his team are geniuses @ Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  They are incredibly knowledgeable on Social Media and SEO, very resourceful and experienced.  Rise's ability to assess a client's needs and develop a successful plan for increasing their site's visibility in search engines is remarkable.  In a sea of charlatans and companies pretending to know and direct SEO programs, Rise SEO is a rare and valuable find.  I highly recommend you work with them if you want your site to be successful.
Diane Brandis-Scavuzzo


When launching your new website, it is important to include ethical SEO marketing into your comprehensive marketing plan if you wish to obtain and maintain a strong online presence. At Rise SEO, we recognize the importance of ethics in the SEO marketing campaigns created for our clients. We therefore endeavor to follow the best practice guidelines as provided by the search engines, never taking any short cut by employing black hat techniques. Our focus on ethics helps us to ensure that your interests are safeguarded for long term growth.

There are hundreds of companies offering SEO services on the internet today. However, it is important to be able to distinguish between those legitimate ones which will launch sustainable marketing campaigns on your behalf, and those who may end up hurting your website and business with their unethical SEO tactics. It is wise for every business owner to avoid the black hat SEO firms which are out to get rich quickly at your expense, and could easily have your site blacklisted forever by the search engines. It is also important to note that just because the search engines may not detect your use of unethical SEO practices right away; your competitors may and could raise the alarm just to take you out of the game.

Rise SEO takes pride in being one of "the good guys" when it comes to SEO practices. Our ethical SEO campaigns centre around white hat SEO techniques in ensuring that you get ranked higher on the search engine results. White hat SEO techniques mainly involve the use of quality keyword rich content on the web pages of the client website, as well as relevant and credible back-linking that will make your site an authority on the search engines. Monitoring the Search Engine spiders and feeding them what they are looking for. Keywords, meta tags and titles are just some of white hat SEO techniques which are approved by the search engines, and are effective in enhancing user experience as well as increasing click-through ratios. We also ensure that all the content we provide for our clients is high quality, informative and unique to their prospects.

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