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Most Beautiful Mom In Temecula

Most Beautiful Mom in Temecula

This is the most beautiful woman in Temecula (Perhaps the entire world)

most beautiful mom in temecula
Hey mom, have I ever told you that there is no one better than you on Earth, better yet, in this universe? – Charlie

Mommy, I love this picture of us. Can you put me to bed forever because you’re the best? – Aubrey

Mom, look at our faces! I’m so glad that you were the one taking this picture because you’re the best at it! – Charlie

Mommy, there is no prettier mommy in the whole wide world!

Mom, I completely agree with Aubrey. You are the most beautiful mom that has ever existed in the world, and also the most incredible mom ever. You’re like a super-mom because you’re so great at everything! – Charlie and Aubrey

Mom, there is no better family than us. We all think that you are amazing. We are so glad you are here with us and will always love you. BEST MOM EVER! – Charlie

Happy Mothers Day!!! Thank you for all you do for us; you are the rock that holds this family together. 

We love you so much,

Charlie, Aubrey, and Weldon