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Display advertising helps digital marketers to drive traffic to websites using visual adverts instead of text-based ads. Display ads can come in a number of formats including rich text, video, interactive ads, and banner ads.

Without a doubt, digital display ads are a cost-effective way to achieve big results in your marketing campaign. Nevertheless, the big rewards can pave the way for high risks. Today, there is a plethora of bidding and placement options available in the market; thus making it easy for marketers to make the wrong choice, which in turn leads to thousands of dollars going down the drain.

To make display advertising a profitable venture for your business, you need a reliable and highly experienced partner – and that’s where we come in.

The Rise SEO team can help drive your display marketing campaign to ultimate success. From the creation of the ads and optimizing the target, to analytics assessment, you can rest assured that we shall deliver. Over the years, we have managed thousands of lucrative ad campaigns across the Google Display Network; hence we have the necessary experience and skill set to work on your project regardless of its size and intensity.

How our online display advertising works


Development of a campaign strategy and structure

For a fact, you cannot succeed in an online display advertising campaign without a strategy. Of course, you have a lot going on in your business, and you might not have time to develop a plan by yourself. This is why we endeavor to provide you with a full-service, which we start by coming up with a comprehensive plan which will complement your business goals and objectives. We do this by first identifying the best display ad publishers and networks that will help you reach your target market better, and then set up a campaign that will assure you of the best results from the word go.


Identifying the target audience

We know that for your digital display ads campaign to be effective, you need to identify and understand your audience. We help you with that too! .
We shall look at the demographic information of your audience, the site they visit, and their search behavior, so that we can determine the website placement and the keywords to target so that we can reach them efficiently.
When this is done, we shall continually optimize and monitor your target campaign for durable results. This is why you need to work with us now!


Ad optimization

Once we have developed an ad strategy and identified your audience, we then optimize your ad campaign so that it can generate leads. We have a team of professional designers who will come up with beautiful ads that have clear call-to-action and whose purpose will be to increase click-through rates to your site. Regardless of what you need, you can be sure that we shall deliver!


Landing page design and strategy

We know that a landing page has the potential to convert visitors into leads. Therefore, we develop personalized landing strategies that are relevant to your site and that have the potential to convert. With a team of in-house designers who have a combined experience of 200 years, we are sure that we shall develop a landing page that is in line with your ad and brand.


Analysis and reporting

When your display ad campaign is finally live, we constantly monitor it, identify its strengths and capitalize on them, and fix its weaknesses for better results. With us, you can be sure that you will get value for money, not forgetting that you will gain a competitive edge in your niche.