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Google Ads

Our Google Ads Services

Google AdWords is a flexible and fast form of digital marketing that presents business owners with the opportunity to position their brand in front of over 90% of internet users who search for products in Google.

At Rise SEO, we understand that you are a busy person, and you might not have the time to concentrate on your Google Ads account fully. Sometimes, you are forced to hire an AdWords specialist, but bearing in mind that you are always in a hurry, you often make the wrong choices. But you don’t have to do this anymore!

Rise SEO is the ideal AdWords expert you have been looking for. We have worked with businesses of all sizes for many years; hence we know how to get the best out of this lucrative platform. We also know the aspects that we need to maximize it so that we can guarantee you 100% client satisfaction as well as attainment of business goals.

Our Google Ads services are based on a foundation of three major tenets which are

  • Setting up new Google Ads campaigns
  • Restructuring, executing and managing existing Google Ads campaigns
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting

Why work with us?

There are hundreds of reasons why you need to choose us over our rivals, but the main ones include;

  • We are a Google certified partner
  • We can develop and manage an e-commerce-focused AdWords plan that will drive sales and profits
  • We can schedule 1-on-1 meetings upon request
  • We have an in-house team; hence you are assured of efficiency


We are a Googles Ads specialist who is committed to offering a full-service which includes


Display Advertising

We create flash adverts and target images in the Google Display Network with the intent of reaching your target audience based on their demographics and user-behavior. Our ultimate goal is to increase your content reach and boost your brand awareness.


Search Engine Advertising

Every Google AdWords specialist will tell you that your paid SEO is not complete without search engine advertising. This is why we endeavor to increase your visibility in Google SERPs by making sure your brand is visible at all times when potential clients are looking for goods and services in your niche.



With Google Ads, losing hope is a word that should not be part of your vocabulary. This is why we remarket your site to people who have already visited it, regardless of whether they purchased your product or not. Doing this will give them a reason to return, and who knows – they might purchase your products or services in no time.



If video advertising is what you need to do through the Google AdWords platform, our skillful team has got you covered. Trueview runs on a pay per view basis and has the potential to boost your brand awareness. We know how to work with it to drive success to your business!


Product Listing Ads

In case you want to get your product in front of your audience by making sure they see images and descriptions of products you offer when they search them on Google, product listing adverts are the best. We shall run them for you, and make sure that you get higher click-through rates that will boost your SEO, and lead to conversations and sales in no time.

We offer other types of SEO audits including

  • Get new clients
  • Attract repeat business
  • Pay per visit
  • Run different ads at your budget
  • Find clients in real-time